Black Saber Worg

Black Saber Worg
Can Be Tamed Blackrock Battle Worg1Elwynn Forest
Can Be Tamed Bloodthirsty Worg68Howling Fjord
Can Be Tamed Wild Worg68-69Howling Fjord
Can Be Tamed Fanggore Worg70-71Howling Fjord
Can Be Tamed Oil-Stained Wolf70-71Borean TundraBarks when clicked.
Can Be Tamed Savage Worg70-81Utgarde KeepHeroic & non-Heroic.
Can Be Tamed Rockfang <The Den Mother>72Borean Tundra
Can Be Tamed Goremaw75 EliteGrizzly Hills
Can Be Tamed Sentry Worg77-78Icecrown
Can Be Tamed Highland Worg84Twilight Highlands
Can Be Tamed Barkmutt85Twilight Highlands

Cannot Be Tamed Prowling Worg71 SpawnedHowling Fjord
Cannot Be Tamed Gimorak80The Storm Peaks