Black Wolf

Black Wolf
Can Be Tamed Blackrock Battle Worg16-17 EliteRedridge MountainsPhases out once a major zone questline has been completed. Players report still being able to tame by using an immolation trap in the worg pen to pull them. See their Wowhead page for details.
Can Be Tamed Vilebranch Wolf Pup32The Hinterlands
Can Be Tamed Vilebranch Raiding Wolf32-33The Hinterlands
Can Be Tamed Snarler39 RareFeralas
Can Be Tamed by Alliance Only Rema66Blade's Edge Mountains
Can Be Tamed Bloodmaul Battle Worg66-67Blade's Edge Mountains

Cannot Be Tamed Shadow30Darnassus
Cannot Be Tamed Warsong Worg70Borean Tundra
Cannot Be Tamed Gar'mak78 EliteDragonblight
Cannot Be Tamed Lak'tuk78 EliteDragonblight