White Wolf

White Wolf
Can Be Tamed Ragged Timber Wolf3Dun Morogh
Can Be Tamed Ragged Young Wolf3Dun MoroghBarks when clicked.
Can Be Tamed Winter Wolf4-5Dun Morogh
Can Be Tamed Ghostpaw Runner19-20Ashenvale
Can Be Tamed Dire Wolf20-21Duskwood
Can Be Tamed Ghostpaw Howler22Ashenvale
Can Be Tamed Ghostpaw Alpha23-24Ashenvale

Cannot Be Tamed Ravaged Dire Wolf20-21DuskwoodExist only as corpses.
Cannot Be Tamed Frostfang78The Storm Peaks
Cannot Be Tamed Kor'kron Wolf Pup90 EliteKor'kron Barracks, Siege of Orgrimmar
Cannot Be Tamed Kor'kron Den Mother92 EliteKor'kron Barracks, Siege of Orgrimmar