Black Draenor Wolf

Black Draenor Wolf
Can Be Tamed Injured Stalker90Moonflower Valley, Shadowmoon Valley - Draenor
Can Be Tamed Shadowmoon Packleader90 EliteShadowmoon Valley - DraenorLacks the idle sounds of many wolves of this type.
Can Be Tamed Shadowmoon Stalker90Shadowmoon Valley - Draenor
Can Be Tamed Void-Touched Stalker90Plains of Serenity, Shadowmoon Valley - Draenor
Can Be Tamed Warsong Wolf99Spirit Woods, Nagrand - Draenor
Can Be Tamed Garn Nighthowl100 EliteFrostboar Drifts, Frostfire RidgeHits hard!
Can Be Tamed Ragemaw Worg100Dragonspire Hall, Upper Blackrock Spire
Can Be Tamed Nok-Karosh <Warrior's Death>102 EliteFrostfire RidgeWanders the zone.

Cannot Be Tamed Thaif99Nagrand - DraenorCompanion of Gar'lua the Wolfmother.
Cannot Be Tamed Shadowmoon Stalker100Darktide Roost, Shadowmoon Valley - DraenorFriendly
Cannot Be Tamed Dreamway Prowler100-110Emerald DreamwayDruid-only area, so inaccessible.
Cannot Be Tamed Storm's Reach Worg100-110Storm's Reach, Stormheim