Black Warp Stalker

Black Warp Stalker
Warp StalkersLevelLocationNotes
Can Be Tamed Zormus47 RareBadlandsInside a crypt by Dustwind Dig.
Can Be Tamed Gezzarak the Huntress72 Spawned EliteTerokkar ForestSpawned during quest
Can Be Tamed Shaded Plainsstalker90Shadowmoon Valley - Draenor
Can Be Tamed Insha'tar91 VignetteShadowmoon Valley - Draenor
Can Be Tamed Cave Hunter94Kuuro's Claim, Talador
Can Be Tamed Darkwoods Stalker94Deathweb Hollow, TaladorTrapped in spider webs.
Can Be Tamed Gezz'ran96Talador
Can Be Tamed Deadly Gloomstalker100 EliteNagrand - Draenor
Can Be Tamed Shadowthrash100 RareThundertail Wallow, Tanaan Jungle

Warp StalkersLevelLocationNotes
Cannot Be Tamed Backbiter75Dalaran