Black Fen Strider

Exotic Family : You must be specced as a Beast Master to tame and use Water Striders!

Black Fen Strider
Water StridersLevelLocationNotes
Can Be Tamed The Black StalkerBossThe Underbog
Can Be Tamed Coilfang Strider70 EliteSerpentshrine Cavern
Can Be Tamed Spore Strider70 SpawnedThe UnderbogSeveral spawn as adds in The Black Stalker fight. Heroic difficulty only.
Can Be Tamed No'losh95 VignetteZangarra, Talador
Can Be Tamed The Ebon Hunter96Forlorn Delta, Spires of Arak
Can Be Tamed Deep Strider98Zangar Shore, Nagrand - Draenor
Can Be Tamed Pond Skipper98Zangar Shore, Nagrand - Draenor