Black Cat

Black Cat
Can Be Tamed by Goblins Only Jungle Cat7-8Lost IslesFound on the first island. Doesn't seem to phase out.
Can Be Tamed by Goblins Only Jungle Panther10-11Lost IslesFound on both islands. Doesn't seem to phase out.
Can Be Tamed Kurzen War Panther24Northern Stranglethorn
Can Be Tamed Young Panther24-25Northern Stranglethorn
Can Be Tamed Panther25-26Northern Stranglethorn
Can Be Tamed Shadowmaw Panther26-27Northern Stranglethorn
Can Be Tamed Bhag'thera28Northern Stranglethorn
Can Be Tamed Elder Shadowmaw Panther29-30The Cape of Stranglethorn
Can Be Tamed Jaguero Stalker31-32The Cape of Stranglethorn

Cannot Be Tamed Bastia <Kilag Gorefang's pet>8Stonetalon MountainsInvalid target. Also appears in the Lost Isles during goblin starting experience.
Cannot Be Tamed Felinni10 EliteDarkmoon IslandFriendly. On display in the Darkmoon Faire.
Cannot Be Tamed Mist10Teldrassil
Cannot Be Tamed Shadumbra24Ashenvale
Cannot Be Tamed Skullsplitter Panther28-29Northern StranglethornAlready controlled.
Cannot Be Tamed Jungle Panther29 SpawnedNorthern StranglethornTwo of these are spawned when King Bangalash drops below 50% health. Already controlled
Cannot Be Tamed Nightshade50Darnassus
Cannot Be Tamed Shi'alune <Kaerbrus' Pet>56Felwood
Cannot Be Tamed Dusky <Caylee's Pet>70Shattrath City
Cannot Be Tamed Great Cat Spirit70 EliteMoonglade