Grey Tarantula

Grey Tarantula
Can Be Tamed Lady Sathrah10Teldrassil
Can Be Tamed Shanda the Spinner18 RareLoch Modan
Can Be Tamed Wildthorn Stalker19-20Ashenvale
Can Be Tamed Creepthess21 RareHillsbrad FoothillsSouthwest of Southshore.
Can Be Tamed Wildthorn Lurker23-29Ashenvale
Can Be Tamed Deepmoss Creeper26-27Stonetalon Mountains
Can Be Tamed Plains Creeper26-27Arathi Highlands
Can Be Tamed Giant Plains Creeper27-28Arathi Highlands
Can Be Tamed Gretheer56 RareSilithus
Can Be Tamed Blackfang Tarantula67-68The Black Morass

Cannot Be Tamed Spirit of Sathrah12Darnassus
Cannot Be Tamed Blackfang Tarantula Specimen67-68The Black MorassFound outside the entrance to the Black Morass in the Caverns of Time. Untargetable but shows in Track Beast.