Green Tarantula

Green Tarantula
Can Be Tamed Webwood Spider3-4Teldrassil
Can Be Tamed Githyiss the Vile5Teldrassil
Can Be Tamed Webwood Lurker5-6Teldrassil
Can Be Tamed Webwood Venomfang7-8Teldrassil
Can Be Tamed Webwood Silkspinner8-9Teldrassil
Can Be Tamed Giant Webwood Spider10-11Teldrassil
Can Be Tamed Forest Creeper20-21Hillsbrad Foothills
Can Be Tamed Wildthorn Venomspitter21-22Ashenvale
Can Be Tamed Deepmoss Venomspitter26-27Stonetalon Mountains
Can Be Tamed Zorn28 RareThoradin's Wall, Arathi HighlandsCurrently has an odd phasing bug. Can only be seen from over border in Hillsbrad. If you move into Arathi it phases out.
Can Be Tamed Venom Mist Lurker36-37Western Plaguelands
Can Be Tamed Sorrow Venomspitter54-55Swamp of Sorrows