Purple Tallstrider

Purple Tallstrider
Can Be Tamed by Tauren Only Young Tallstrider ('Tallstrider')1Tauren hunters start with this pet at level 1.
Can Be Tamed Dustflight the Cowardly29 RareStonetalon MountainsMakes noise when clicked.
Has vocalizations when clicked. On a small grassy patch northwest of Sunrock Retreat.
Can Be Tamed Seawing54 RareMisty Reed Strand, Swamp of SorrowsMakes noise when clicked.
Has vocalizations when clicked.
Can Be Tamed Lost Torranche70Terokkar Forest
Can Be Tamed Hornbill Strider87 SpawnedSinging Marshes, Valley of the Four WindsSpawns during the quest A Taste for Eggs.

Cannot Be Tamed Violet70Darkmoon IslandFriendly. On display in the Darkmoon Faire.
Cannot Be Tamed Peckers the Majestic92Kor'gall's Hovel, GorgrondFriendly. Can be freed from cage.