Black Beetle

Black Beetle
Can Be Tamed Scarab46-47Zul'Farrak
Can Be Tamed Borer Beetle50-51Blackrock DepthsMay appear during Ring of Law event.
Can Be Tamed Vile Scarab55Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj
Can Be Tamed Cursed Scarab58-59 SpawnedHellfire PeninsulaSpawn when the Horde quest "Spinebreak Post" is turned in, but despawn soon after. Can be tamed by anyone.
Can Be Tamed Qiraji Scarab60Temple of Ahn'QirajThe Hive Undergrounds
Can Be Tamed Corpse Scarab80 SpawnedNaxxramasMuch smaller than other beetles, and has a trailing effect when running. Spawns after Nerubians die during Anub'rekhan encounter.

Cannot Be Tamed Harvester Swarm <Silithid Harvester's Guardian>34 SpawnedDread WastesSpawns during Silithid Harvester fight. This NPC used to have a different ID prior to Cataclysm, which is now used for the Enslaved Harvester.
Cannot Be Tamed Carrion Swarmer39-45Dire Maul
Cannot Be Tamed Nerub'ar Swarmer66-67 SpawnedBorean TundraSpawns from Infested Victims.
Cannot Be Tamed Enslaved Harvester90 SpawnedDread WastesSpawns during Adjunct Tzikzi fight. This ID used to be used for the Harvester Swarm, but it was given a new ID in Cataclysm.