Black Draenor Ravager

Black Draenor Ravager
Can Be Tamed Shadeback Ravager96Shadowglade, Spires of Arak
Can Be Tamed Shadeback Thornmother96Shadowglade, Spires of Arak
Can Be Tamed Thornscar Ravager96Camp Thornscar, Spires of ArakRidden by Shattered Hand Flayer
Can Be Tamed Bladefist Ravager97The Thorn Pits, Spires of ArakSome ridden by Shattered Hand Pit-Masters.
Can Be Tamed Brood Mother Xylax97 EliteThe Thorn Pits (cave), Spires of Arak
Can Be Tamed Spineslicer97 EliteBloodmane Pridelands, Spires of Arak
Can Be Tamed Broodlord Ixkor100 RareThornmire, Tanaan Jungle
Can Be Tamed Onyx Ravager100Ashran
Can Be Tamed Ravager Pit Fodder100Gorian Proving Grounds, Nagrand - DraenorReleased from cages using Ogre Cage Key, taken from Bloodring Slavers. You, or someone with you, must have the once-only quest, Assault on the Gorian Proving Grounds to open a cage.

Cannot Be Tamed Swift Onyx Flayer100 VignetteEverbloom Wilds, GorgrondIn a cave in a mountain south-east of Blackrock Foundry.