Purple Raptor

Purple Raptor
Can Be Tamed Sunscale Raptor11-12Northern Barrens
Can Be Tamed Sunscale Lashtail11-13Northern Barrens
Can Be Tamed Sunscale Screecher13-15Northern Barrens
Can Be Tamed Sunscale Ravager14-15Northern Barrens
Can Be Tamed Deviate Creeper15-16Wailing Caverns
Can Be Tamed Sunscale Consort16Northern BarrensTwo of these follow King Reaperclaw around.
Can Be Tamed Sunscale Scytheclaw16-18Northern Barrens
Can Be Tamed Deviate Ravager18-19 EliteWailing Caverns
Can Be Tamed Mottled Raptor22Wetlands
Can Be Tamed Jungle Stalker26-27Northern Stranglethorn
Can Be Tamed Ravasaur48-49Un'Goro Crater
Can Be Tamed Lar'korwi Mate48-50 SpawnedUn'Goro CraterSummoned during quest The Scent of Lar'korwi.
Can Be Tamed Ravasaur Hunter49-50Un'Goro Crater

Cannot Be Tamed Experimental Raptor7AzsharaTiny, in cages. Not a beast.
Cannot Be Tamed Shaol'mara Raptor90Isle of Thunder
Cannot Be Tamed Zeb'tula Raptor90Isle of Thunder