Red Raptor

Red Raptor
Can Be Tamed by Trolls Only Young Raptor ('Raptor')1Troll hunters start with this pet at level 1.
Can Be Tamed Bloodtalon Raptor2-3Durotar
Can Be Tamed Bloodtalon Taillasher6-7Durotar
Can Be Tamed Bloodtalon Scythemaw8-9Durotar
Can Be Tamed Highland Lashtail24-25Wetlands
Can Be Tamed Terrortooth Runner29-30Southern Barrens
Can Be Tamed Bloodfen Raptor36-37Dustwallow Marsh
Can Be Tamed Bloodfen Screecher36-37Dustwallow Marsh
Can Be Tamed Bloodfen Lashtail37-38Dustwallow Marsh
Can Be Tamed Bloodfen Razormaw38-39Dustwallow Marsh

Cannot Be Tamed Subject Four13AzsharaWearing a metallic dish on its head.
Cannot Be Tamed Captured Raptor36-37Dustwallow Marsh