Grey Owl

Grey Owl
Birds of PreyLevelLocationNotes
Can Be Tamed Strigid Owl5-6Teldrassil
Can Be Tamed Strigid Screecher7-8Teldrassil
Can Be Tamed Strigid Hunter8-9Teldrassil
Can Be Tamed Ironbeak Owl44-45Felwood
Can Be Tamed Ironbeak Hunter46-47Felwood
Can Be Tamed Winterspring Owl52-53WinterspringUsed to be White.
Can Be Tamed Shadowwing Owl66-67Shadowmoon Valley
Can Be Tamed Wild Sparrowhawk70The Twilight Ridge, NagrandVery difficult to tame as it drops aggro and flees. One way to maintain threat is to use Scare Beast on it and attempt to tame it while it's feared.
Can Be Tamed Tawny Owl80-84Twilight Highlands
Can Be Tamed Duskstalker85The Jade ForestPurple shadow effect is removed upon taming.

Birds of PreyLevelLocationNotes
Cannot Be Tamed Hutihu <Su'ura Swiftarrow's Pet>55Ashenvale
Cannot Be Tamed Spirit70Blade's Edge Mountains