Dark Mushan

This creature is new in Legion!

Dark Mushan
Can Be Tamed Darkhide87 EliteThe Wild Plains, Valley of the Four WindsMakes noise when clicked.
Can Be Tamed Enraged Mushan87 EliteThe Yaungol Advance, Kun-Lai SummitMakes noise when clicked.
These appear by the Sha of Anger when it happens to spawn just north-west of Inkgill Mere (but not other spawn points).
Can Be Tamed Longshadow Mushan88Townlong SteppesMakes noise when clicked.
Can Be Tamed Young Bluehide Mushan90Chittering Coast, Dread WastesMakes noise when clicked.
Can Be Tamed Enraged Mushan Beast92 EliteThe Menagerie, Siege of OrgrimmarMakes noise when clicked.
Trash mob before the Thok encounter.

Cannot Be Tamed Raider Mushan87Fire Camp Ruqin, Kun-Lai SummitAlready controlled.