Brown Fox

Brown Fox
Can Be Tamed Redridge Fox15-16Redridge MountainsWanders south of the lake.
Can Be Tamed Rabid Fox36-37Western PlaguelandsSouth of Northridge Lumber Camp.
Can Be Tamed Baradin Fox80-84Tol Barad Peninsula
Can Be Tamed Crane Hunter85The Jade Forest
Can Be Tamed Ashpaw Fox100-110Whitewater Wash, Highmountain
Can Be Tamed Azsuna Fox100-110Old Coast Path, Azsuna
Can Be Tamed Bloodthirsty Fox100-110Rhut'van Divide, AzsunaNear the mountain summit.
Can Be Tamed Llothien Fox100-110Azsuna
Can Be Tamed Llothien Kit100-110Azsuna
Can Be Tamed Cliffdweller Fox110Isle of the Watchers, Azsuna
Can Be Tamed Cunning Bushtail110SuramarSouth-western section of zone.

Cannot Be Tamed Desert Fox83Cradle of the Ancients, UldumFriendly.
Cannot Be Tamed Fox Pup85The Jade Forest