Black Widow Spider

Black Widow Spider
Can Be Tamed by Undead Only Young Widow ('Spider')1Forsaken hunters start with this pet at level 1.
Can Be Tamed Night Web Spider3-4Tirisfal Glades
Can Be Tamed Night Web Matriarch5Tirisfal Glades
Can Be Tamed Mine Spider8-9Elwynn Forest
Can Be Tamed by Worgen Only Rygna <Vilebrood Matriarch>9-10GilneasMaster spider at the end of webbed valley near Stormglen Village.
Can Be Tamed Vicious Night Web Spider9-10Tirisfal Glades
Can Be Tamed Sri'skulk10 RareTirisfal Glades
Can Be Tamed Krethis the Shadowspinner12 RareSilverpine Forest
Can Be Tamed Black Widow Hatchling21-22Duskwood
Can Be Tamed Black Widow23-24Duskwood
Can Be Tamed Riven Widow70-71Howling Fjord
Can Be Tamed Recluse Hatchling84 SpawnedTwilight HighlandsSummoned by the Black Recluse.

Cannot Be Tamed Venom Sprayer101 Spawned EliteXeri'tac's Burrow, The EverbloomReleased when you open Toxic Eggs.