Olive Spider

Olive Spider
Can Be Tamed Young Night Web Spider2-3Tirisfal Glades
Can Be Tamed Plague Lurker36-37Western Plaguelands
Can Be Tamed Northridge Spider37-38Western Plaguelands
Can Be Tamed Cavern Crawler65Blade's Edge Mountains
Can Be Tamed Hyakiss the Lurker73 Rare EliteServants' Quarters, KarazhanOne of three random bosses that may appear after most of the trash is killed in the Servants' Quarters. This can reset multiple times a day, often with a different random boss.
Can Be Tamed Carrion Spinner81 EliteNaxxramas
Can Be Tamed Spider Mite90 SpawnedThe Heartland, Valley of the Four WindsSpawn when harvesting Spideroot during the quest Growing the Farm I: A Little Problem.

Cannot Be Tamed Corpse Skitterling100Shadowmoon Burial Grounds
Cannot Be Tamed Gorged Burster101 Spawned EliteThe EverbloomSpawns during the Xeri'tac fight in Heroic mode.