Jungle Spider

Jungle Spider
Can Be Tamed Tarantis7 RareElwynn Forest
Can Be Tamed Queen Silith27Webwinder Hollow, Stonetalon Mountains
Can Be Tamed Darkmist Broodqueen36Dustwallow Marsh
Can Be Tamed Darkmist Recluse36-37Dustwallow Marsh
Can Be Tamed Necro Stalker81 EliteNaxxramas
Can Be Tamed Venom Stalker81 EliteNaxxramas
Can Be Tamed Waterbite Creeper86 SpawnedGilded Fan, Valley of the Four WindsSpawns during the quest The Great Water Hunt.
Can Be Tamed Feverbite87 EliteKrasarang Wilds

Cannot Be Tamed Shadril38Western Plaguelands
Cannot Be Tamed Feverbite Hatchling90 SpawnedItem SummonA guardian pet summoned by a Feverbite Egg Sack. Not flagged as tameable, so couldn't even be tamed by an enemy in PvP.