Orange Mechanowolf

Untameable look : this look is not known from a tameable creature.

Orange Mechanowolf


It looks like the last remaining unavailable colour of mechanical wolf is coming in Battle for Azeroth!

Special Skill Required : Gnome and Goblin Hunters can tame Mechanicals by default. Other races must gain the ability from a Mecha-Bond Imprint Matrix, crafted by Engineers in Legion.

Untameable Mechanicals With This Appearance

Cannot Be Tamed
Mechanical Guardhound
<Venture Co.>
Island Expeditions (Scenario)
May spawn at any expedition.
Cannot Be Tamed
V-300 Sentry
Rusted Vault, Tiragarde Sound
** Creatures in Zandalar - Zuldazar, Nazmir, Vol'dun - do not scale for Alliance hunters, and creatures in Kul Tiras - Tiragarde Sound, Drustvar, Stormsong Valley - do not scale for Horde hunters, except in defined war campaign areas. Outside these areas they will always appear level 120.
* If a creature's level is noted as 'Scales' then it will vary with the Hunter's level within the constraints of its level range.