Black Mastiff

Black Mastiff
Can Be Tamed by Worgen Only Young Mastiff ('Dog')1Worgen hunters start with this pet at level 1.
Can Be Tamed by Worgen Only Mountain Mastiff7GilneasAccompanies watchmen around Tempest's Reach. Becomes friendly (and untameable) after you defeat the rebels and rescue Greymane.
Can Be Tamed by Worgen Only Wary Mastiff10Stormglen Village, Keel Harbor, Gilneas
Can Be Tamed Rexxus47 RarePyrox Flats, Searing GorgeAmong the dwarves, fast asleep.
Can Be Tamed Onslaught Bloodhound71-72Dragonblight
Can Be Tamed by Horde Only Attack Mastiff100-110Amberfall Mesa, StormheimFriendly to Alliance.

Cannot Be Tamed Gilnean Mastiff5GilneasFriendly.
Cannot Be Tamed Gilnean Mastiff5-6Gilneas
Cannot Be Tamed Attack Mastiff6 SpawnedGilneasNot a beast. Summoned during fight against Dark Ranger Thyala.
Cannot Be Tamed Rabid Mastiff6Shadowfang KeepInvalid target.
Cannot Be Tamed Gilnean Mastiff12-13GilneasFriendly.
Cannot Be Tamed Gilnean Mastiff100-110Greywatch, StormheimFriendly to Alliance. Cannot be tamed by Horde.
Cannot Be Tamed Hunting Mastiff100-110The Crescent Vale, Val'sharahFriendly.