Red-Brown Riverbeast

Red-Brown Riverbeast
Can Be Tamed Berthora92 Vignette EliteRiverbeast Den, Gorgrond
Can Be Tamed Lazymaw Riverbeast92The Fertile Ground, Gorgrond
Can Be Tamed Riverbeast Whelp92Riverbeast Den, Gorgrond
Can Be Tamed Highlands Calfling93Gorgrond
Can Be Tamed Highlands Riverbeast93Gorgrond
Can Be Tamed Hilaani94 EliteTalador
Can Be Tamed Massive Riverwallow95Talador
Can Be Tamed Mogamago100 VignetteEverbloom Wilds, Gorgrond
Can Be Tamed Wetland Trampler100 EliteNagrand - Draenor

Cannot Be Tamed Riverbeast92 EliteRazorbloom, GorgrondAppear mostly dead, with tentacular growths.