Purple Hippogryph

Purple Hippogryph

Special Skill Required : In order to tame members of this family, you must use the Tome of the Hybrid Beast to learn Hybrid Kinship. This is only available for purchase after (i) unlocking all artifact traits on the Beast Master artifact, Titanstrike and (ii) completing the Hunter Order Hall campaign for 7.2, which is gated and will be fully unlocked around 14 June. The tome is Bind on Account and may be passed to Hunter alts that are level 110 but haven't otherwise met the criteria.

Can Be Tamed
Frayfeather Hippogryph
37FeralasInitially friendly to Alliance but players can /roar at them to make them aggressive for taming. In valley north and west of Ruins of Isildien.

Cannot Be Tamed
Long-Forgotten Hippogryph
AzsunaFriendly. Spawns after you interact with five Ephemeral Crystals in Azsuna. Part of an event where you earn a mount of the same name.

Matching Mounts