Brown & White Hippogryph

This creature is new in Legion!

Special Skill Required : In order to tame members of this family, you must use the Tome of the Hybrid Beast to learn Hybrid Kinship. This is only available for purchase after (i) unlocking all artifact traits on the Beast Master artifact, Titanstrike and (ii) completing the Hunter Order Hall campaign for 7.2, which is gated and will be fully unlocked around 14 June. The tome is Bind on Account and may be passed to Hunter alts that are level 110 but haven't otherwise met the criteria.

Brown & White Hippogryph
Can Be Tamed Static-Charged Hippogryph12-13AzsharaAround, and east of, The Secret Lab.
Can Be Tamed Skychaser Hippogryph18AzsharaFriendly to Alliance. Ridden by Talrendis Skychaser Night Elves.
Can Be Tamed Thunderhead Stagwing18-19Azshara
Can Be Tamed Spotted Hippogryph69-70Howling Fjord
Can Be Tamed Steelfeather71Howling Fjord