Green Riverbeast

Green Riverbeast
Can Be Tamed Napestone Riverbeast90Tanaan Jungle (Intro Phase)
Can Be Tamed Rockhoof91 VignetteThe Verdant Mire, Shadowmoon Valley - Draenor
Can Be Tamed Hammertooth94 VignetteTalador
Can Be Tamed Lowland Mirebeast96Spires of ArakJust east of The Writhing Mire.
Can Be Tamed Stonehide Riverbeast100Ashran
Can Be Tamed Thundertail Riverbeast100Thundertail Wallow, Tanaan Jungle
Can Be Tamed Wetland Riverbeast100Nagrand - Draenor
Can Be Tamed Stonehide Riverbeast110AshranCan be found outside battleground area.

Cannot Be Tamed Flat-Toothed Riverbeast101AshranFlagged tameable but level too high.