Brown Gryphon

We don't yet know if this look is available on a tameable creature.

Special Skill Required : In order to tame members of this family, you must use the Tome of the Hybrid Beast to learn Ancient Hybrid Knowledge.

Brown Gryphon

Uncertain: Taming Status Not Yet Confirmed

? Aerie Gryphon0Alterac Valley (Battleground)
? Razorbeak Skylord0The HinterlandsFriendly to Alliance.
? Theramore Gryphon0Theramore's Fall (Horde Scenario)
? Wild Gryphon0Hillsbrad Foothills
? Razorbeak Gryphon33The HinterlandsFriendly to Alliance.
? Trained Razorbeak35The HinterlandsFriendly to Alliance.
? Granistad40Hillsbrad FoothillsFriendly to Alliance.
? Jankie's Mount40DesolaceFriendly. Has a second ID also.
? Kurdros40Hillsbrad FoothillsFriendly to Alliance.
? Untamed Gryphon84Twilight Highlands
? Enraged Gryphon110 Spawned EliteVariousSpawns when Horde players attack gryphon flight masters. Friendly to Alliance.
? Ichman's Gryphon110 EliteAlterac Valley (Battleground)Friendly to Alliance.
? Vipore's Gryphon110 EliteAlterac Valley (Battleground)Friendly to Alliance.

Cannot Be Tamed Soaring Razorbeak0The HinterlandsFriendly.
Cannot Be Tamed Stormbeak81DeepholmFriendly.
Cannot Be Tamed Dawnfeather Gryphon100Emerald DreamwayDruid-only instance.