Black Draenor Boar

Black Draenor Boar
Can Be Tamed Coldtusk90 VignetteFrostfire Ridge
Can Be Tamed Bladespire Goresnout91Gormaul Watch, Frostfire Ridge
Can Be Tamed Crag Goretusk91Bones of Agurak, Agurak's Fall, Frostfire RidgeFound in several caves in the area.
Can Be Tamed Elder Crag Goretusk92Agurak's Fall, Frostfire RidgeOccasionally found in caves in the area, accompanied by regular Crag Goretusks.
Can Be Tamed Wild Goreger100Ashran
Can Be Tamed Spinetusk Piglet100-110Cliff's Edge, Highmountain
Can Be Tamed Slogtusk the Corpse-Eater101 Rare EliteStonefury Cliffs, Frostfire RidgeInside a large cave.

Cannot Be Tamed Unbroken Goresnout90Bladespire Fortress, Frostfire RidgeCannot be attacked / Beast Lored.
Cannot Be Tamed Razortusk the Untamed91 SpawnedGormaul Watch, Frostfire RidgeSpawns during quest, 'Gormaul Watch'.
Cannot Be Tamed Gorian Battle Boar100 SpawnedLunarfall, Frostwall (Garrisons), Shadowmoon Valley - Draenor, Frostfire RidgeSpawns during Ogre garrison invasions.
Cannot Be Tamed Krush102 EliteThe Underbelly, HighmaulTrash mob immediately before The Butcher. Appears in all difficulty levels.