Green Fire Spider

Green Fire Spider
Can Be Tamed Cinderweb Broodling85Molten FrontSpawns in fast-moving packs, but only on random days.
Can Be Tamed Kirix85 RareMolten FrontTiming and interrupts will help you avoid his deadly venom. Haste will help you tame.
Can Be Tamed Echoweb Toxiclaw90Cavern of Endless Echoes, Valley of the Four WindsCave is blocked. Requires quest Old Man Thistle's Treasure to enter.
Can Be Tamed Deathweb Hatchling95Deathweb Hollow, Talador
Can Be Tamed Deathweb Hatchling95 SpawnedDeathweb Hollow, TaladorSpawn when you walk over eggs.
Can Be Tamed Demonfang Crawler100The Felblight, Tanaan JungleThis spider has a different appearance to the others. It has yellow fire instead of orange.

Cannot Be Tamed Felspider5Azsuna
Cannot Be Tamed Cinderweb Broodling85Molten FrontSpawns from corpse during scripted Hyjal Scout death scene. Not to be confused with a tameable mob of the same name and appearance.
Cannot Be Tamed Deathweb Crawler95Deathweb Hollow, TaladorDemon, not beast.