Green Firefly

Green Firefly
Can Be Tamed Marsh Hornet15-16Loch Modan
Can Be Tamed Ironwood Buzzer48Felwood
Can Be Tamed Umbraglow Stinger60-61Zangarmarsh
Can Be Tamed Fenglow Stinger62-63Zangarmarsh
Can Be Tamed Lykul Wasp63-70 EliteThe UnderbogHeroic & non-Heroic.
Can Be Tamed Tigerfly84The Jade Forest
Can Be Tamed Emerald Fenfly85The Jade Forest
Can Be Tamed Jadeglow Wasp85The Jade Forest
Can Be Tamed Sapfly89Dread WastesA smaller-sized wasp pet.

Cannot Be Tamed Underglow Locust110 SpawnedShal'Aran, SuramarSpawns during the quest, "Moths to a Flame". Not attackable.