Yellow Hook Wasp

Yellow Hook Wasp
Can Be Tamed Heartsting Pollinator92Tangleheart, Gorgrond
Can Be Tamed Scavenger Wasp92Ruins of the First Bastion, Gorgrond
Can Be Tamed Stoneshard Hunter92Overlook Ruins, Gorgrond
Can Be Tamed Golden Pollinator93Gorgrond
Can Be Tamed Amberspike Drone97The Writhing Mire, Spires of Arak
Can Be Tamed Bloodfang Swarmer100Thornmire, Tanaan Jungle
Can Be Tamed Buzzing Venomfly100Gorian Falls, Ashran
Can Be Tamed Everbloom Wasp100Everbloom Wilds, Gorgrond
Can Be Tamed Venombore Hive Guard100 EliteNagrand - DraenorNear Highmaul.