Black Draenor Kaliri

Black Draenor Kaliri
Birds of PreyLevelLocationNotes
Can Be Tamed Ebonwing Kaliri90Shadowmoon Valley - Draenor
Can Be Tamed Ghost-Talon Owl90Shadowmoon Valley - Draenor
Can Be Tamed Midnight Kaliri90Shadowmoon Valley - Draenor
Can Be Tamed Silverwing Kaliri90Shadowmoon Valley - Draenor
Can Be Tamed Void-torn Kaliri90The Burial Fields, Shadowmoon Valley - DraenorSpectral effect lost upon taming.
Can Be Tamed Nightslash Owl94 SpawnedDeathweb Hollow, TaladorSpawns from Deathweb Cocoons.
Can Be Tamed Whitebreast Diver96Spires of Arak
Can Be Tamed Darkwing Roc99Skysong Lake, Nagrand - DraenorOn rock bridge above lake.
Can Be Tamed Darting/Energized Swift Feather100Skettis, Spires of ArakBirds of this ID can display either name.
Can Be Tamed Direbeak Windroc100 EliteNagrand - Draenor
Can Be Tamed Kaliri Skyterror100Ashran
Can Be Tamed Thek'talon100 Rare EliteNagrand - Draenor

Birds of PreyLevelLocationNotes
Cannot Be Tamed Veilwatcher Kaliri96Veil Terokk, Spires of ArakFriendly. Cannot be attacked.
Cannot Be Tamed Skyreach Sun Talon98 EliteSkyreach
Cannot Be Tamed Energized Swift Feather100Skettis, Spires of Arak
Cannot Be Tamed Skettis Kaliri100Skettis, Spires of ArakCannot be attacked or tamed.