Black Worg

Black Worg
Can Be Tamed Worg9-10Silverpine Forest
Can Be Tamed Black Ravager22-23Duskwood
Can Be Tamed Blackrock Worg50-54Burning Steppes
Can Be Tamed Bloodaxe Worg Pup52-53Blackrock SpireBarks when clicked.
Can Be Tamed Bloodaxe Worg56-57Blackrock Spire
Can Be Tamed Bleeding Hollow Worg60Hellfire Peninsula
Can Be Tamed Feng60Hellfire Peninsula
Can Be Tamed Dark Worg64-65Nagrand

Cannot Be Tamed Howler <Dedlow's Pet>14Brill, Tirisfal Glades
Cannot Be Tamed Moonfang Snarler99-100Darkmoon IslandOriginally named "Darkmoon Wolf" and had a black coyote appearance. Changed in 5.4.
Cannot Be Tamed Moonfang Packmate100 SpawnedDarkmoon IslandSpawns during Moonfang fight.
Cannot Be Tamed Moonfang Dreadhowl101 Spawned EliteDarkmoon IslandHas glowing eyes. Spawns after Moonfang Snarlers killed.