Red Spiked Crab

Red Spiked Crab
Can Be Tamed Enthralled Crustacean52Swamp of SorrowsIn the cave along the southern mountains, east of Stonard.
Can Be Tamed Spineshell Pincer80Shimmering ExpanseFound at the bottom of Glimmerdeep Gorge.
Can Be Tamed Viseclaw Fry85Krasarang Wilds
Can Be Tamed Flesh-Eating Sandsnapper86-87Krasarang Wilds
Can Be Tamed Viseclaw Scuttler87Krasarang Wilds
Can Be Tamed Sand Scavenger100Ashran
Can Be Tamed Sand Snapper100Ashran
Can Be Tamed Crimson Rockshell100-110Stormheim
Can Be Tamed Crimson Rockshell100-110Shield's Rest (BM Artifact Instance), Stormheim
Can Be Tamed Deep Water Clacker100-110The Broken IslesVarious ocean areas.
Can Be Tamed Siltshore Crab100-110 EliteIsle of the Watchers, Azsuna
Can Be Tamed Young Deep Water Clacker100-110The Broken IslesVarious ocean areas.

Cannot Be Tamed Crimson Rockshell <Squigglefin Crablord's Pet>100-110Seabreak Isle, Azsuna
Cannot Be Tamed Frothing Crab100-110Sundered Shoals, SuramarSpawns during a quest, "Do The Thing!".