Green Spiked Crab

Green Spiked Crab
Can Be Tamed Hugeclaw38 RareDustwallow MarshTwo islands east of Direhorn Post.
Can Be Tamed Enthralled Crustacean52Swamp of SorrowsIn the cave along the southern mountains, east of Stonard.
Can Be Tamed Felscale Crawler58Blasted LandsCommon on the Red Reaches beach in the south of Blasted Lands.
Can Be Tamed Agitated Green Sand Crab79Shimmering ExpanseSpawns to attack The Great Sambino and Felice, his assistant.
Can Be Tamed Green Sand Crab80Shimmering ExpanseCommon around Silver Tide Hollow.
Can Be Tamed Spiny Tidecrawler85Tol Barad PeninsulaCape of Lost Hope
Can Be Tamed Surfrider Crab91Tanaan Channel / Coast, Tanaan JunglePhased out in 6.2 phase, but can be seen and pulled out of phase along the north-west shore of the zone.
Can Be Tamed Scumshell Crab100-110Dead Man's Bay, Azsuna
Can Be Tamed Siltshore Crab100-110 EliteIsle of the Watchers, Azsuna
Can Be Tamed Pinchshank110 RareSuramar City, SuramarBeach, east side of the harbour.

Cannot Be Tamed Deepseeker Crab <Idra'kess Harpooner's Pet>79Nespirah, Shimmering Expanse