Blue Spiked Crab

Blue Spiked Crab
Can Be Tamed Spiny Rock Crab35-36Dustwallow MarshPhased out once you complete the "Theramore's Fall" scenario. Speak to Zidormi to access the pre-destruction phase.
Can Be Tamed Enthralled Crustacean52Swamp of SorrowsIn the cave along the southern mountains, east of Stonard.
Can Be Tamed Azure Prickly Crawler88Kun-Lai Summit
Can Be Tamed Azure Prickly Crawler88 SpawnedZouchin Strand, Kun-Lai SummitSpawns during a quest.
Can Be Tamed Azure Prickly Crawler88Zouchin Strand, Kun-Lai SummitInitial quest phase for area only. Picking at the body of Sage Liao.
Can Be Tamed Reef Pincher88Townlong Steppes
Can Be Tamed Spiny Siltshell93-94Gorgrond & Talador
Can Be Tamed Siltshore Crab100-110 EliteIsle of the Watchers, Azsuna