Blue Cataclysm Crocolisk

Blue Cataclysm Crocolisk
Can Be Tamed Mahamba <The Water Spirit>28 RareNorthern StranglethornNorth of Venture Base Camp on Lake Nazferiti.
Can Be Tamed Khamen83 Spawned EliteUldum
Can Be Tamed Thartep83 Spawned EliteUldum
Can Be Tamed Baradin Crocolisk85Tol Barad Peninsula
Can Be Tamed Frenzied Crocolisk85 SpawnedLost City of the Tol'VirSpawns during the Lockmaw encounter.
Can Be Tamed Zulian Gnasher85 EliteZul'Gurub
Can Be Tamed Mortbreath Skulker87Krasarang Wilds
Can Be Tamed Nahassa <Mortbreath Patriarch>87Krasarang Wilds
Can Be Tamed Meredil Lockjaw110Suramar

Cannot Be Tamed Underbelly Croc100-110 SpawnedDalaran (Broken Isles)Spawns in the Underbelly when someone uses Croc Mojo.