Red Crab

Red Crab
Can Be Tamed by Goblins Only Young Crab ('Crab')1Goblin hunters start with this pet at level 1.
Can Be Tamed Pygmy Surf Crawler2-3Durotar
Can Be Tamed Surf Crawler5-6Durotar
Can Be Tamed Mature Surf Crawler7-8Durotar
Can Be Tamed Corrupted Tide Crawler10-11Darkshore
Can Be Tamed Harbor Crawler21Wetlands
Can Be Tamed Crusty32 RareDesolace
Can Be Tamed Duneshore Crab47Tanaris
Can Be Tamed Giant Tidecrawler68-69Howling Fjord
Can Be Tamed Caldemere Snapper69 SpawnedHowling Fjord
Can Be Tamed Sabreclaw Skitterer80Kelp'thar ForestNear Smuggler's Hole.
Can Be Tamed Great Sea Crab100-110The Broken IslesVarious ocean areas.

Cannot Be Tamed Darkmoon Tide Crawler10-11Darkmoon IslandAlong the shores and waters surrounding the island.