Blue Crab

Blue Crab
Can Be Tamed Sea Crawler11-12Westfall
Can Be Tamed Hermit Tide Crawler18-19 SpawnedDarkshoreSpawns during the quest The Seeds of Life.
Can Be Tamed Encrusted Tide Crawler18-20Darkshore
Can Be Tamed Clattering Crawler19-20AshenvaleZoram Strand
Can Be Tamed Ocean Crawler22-23WetlandsAlso Arathi, but level matches Wetlands.
Can Be Tamed Southern Sand Crawler35The Cape of Stranglethorn
Can Be Tamed Kili'ua72Dragonblight
Can Be Tamed Great Sea Crab100-110The Broken IslesVarious ocean areas.

Cannot Be Tamed Canal Crab3Stormwind City
Cannot Be Tamed Darkmoon Tide Crawler10-11Darkmoon IslandAlong the shores and waters surrounding the island.
Cannot Be Tamed Tamed Crawler18-19DarkshoreAlready controlled.
Cannot Be Tamed Cattail Crab90Cattail Lake, Valley of the Four WindsFriendly.