White Crab

White Crab
Can Be Tamed Encrusted Surf Crawler9-10Durotar
Can Be Tamed Rotting Crawler12-13Ghostlands
Can Be Tamed Shore Crawler13-14WestfallMakes noise when clicked.
Can Be Tamed Spined Crawler20-21AshenvaleZoram Strand
Can Be Tamed Skittering Crustacean22-23 EliteBlackfathom Deeps
Can Be Tamed Snapping Crustacean22-24 EliteBlackfathom Deeps
Can Be Tamed Barbed Crustacean23-24 EliteBlackfathom Deeps
Can Be Tamed Enraged Reef Crawler30-32Desolace
Can Be Tamed Landing Crawler68-69Borean Tundra
Can Be Tamed Fjord Crawler70Howling Fjord

Cannot Be Tamed Darkmoon Tide Crawler10-11Darkmoon IslandAlong the shores and waters surrounding the island.
Cannot Be Tamed Cattail Crab90Cattail Lake, Valley of the Four WindsFriendly.