Orange Core Hound

This creature is new in Legion!

Exotic Family : You must be specced as a Beast Master to tame and use Core Hounds!

Orange Core Hound
Core HoundsLevelLocationNotes
Can Be Tamed Magmagan51 RareBurning SteppesJust to the west of Blackrock Stronghold.
Can Be Tamed Core Hound61 EliteMolten Core
Can Be Tamed Ancient Core Hound62 EliteMolten Core
Can Be Tamed Core Rager62 EliteMolten Core
Can Be Tamed MagmadarBossMolten Core
Can Be Tamed Core Hound80Mount HyjalPhases out after a while.
Can Be Tamed Smolderos the Carbonizer82 EliteMount Hyjal
Can Be Tamed Brimstone Hound85Mount Hyjal

Core HoundsLevelLocationNotes
Cannot Be Tamed Summoned Wrath Hound69 SpawnedBlade's Edge MountainsDemon.
Cannot Be Tamed Lavanthor77 EliteThe Violet Hold
Cannot Be Tamed Ancient Core Hound82-85 EliteFirelands
Cannot Be Tamed BeautyBossBeauty's Lair, Blackrock Caverns
Cannot Be Tamed Lylagar85 EliteMount Hyjal