Black Bone Spider

Black Bone Spider
Can Be Tamed Iriss the Widow27 RareSishir Canyon, Stonetalon Mountains
Can Be Tamed Ironweb37 RareWestern Plaguelands
Can Be Tamed Festering Spiderling43Razorfen Downs
Can Be Tamed Tainted Nightstalker57-58Blasted LandsFound in the central part of the Tainted Scar in Blasted Lands.
Can Be Tamed Bloodtip <Ashweb Matriarch>91 EliteGuo-Lai Halls, Vale of Eternal Blossoms
Can Be Tamed Taladorantula95 Spawned VignetteDeathweb Hollow, TaladorSquish a lot of spider critters underfoot to summon this mob.
Can Be Tamed Taladorette95 SpawnedDeathweb Hollow, TaladorSpawn during combat with Taladorantula.

Cannot Be Tamed Bloodtip Swarmer <Bloodtip's Minion>91 SpawnedGuo-Lai Halls, Vale of Eternal BlossomsSummoned by Bloodtip.
Cannot Be Tamed Psillych110 EliteWithered Training InstanceCurrently, erroneously, classed as a Humanoid.
Cannot Be Tamed Psillych Spiderling110Withered Training Instance