Red Boar

Red Boar
Can Be Tamed Docile Island Boar2Durotar
Can Be Tamed Thistle Boar2-3Teldrassil
Can Be Tamed Mature Swine9-11Rocktusk Farm, Durotar
Can Be Tamed Wild Mature Swine9-11Durotar
Can Be Tamed Goretusk12-13Westfall
Can Be Tamed Great Goretusk14-15Redridge Mountains
Can Be Tamed Ashmane Boar57Blasted Lands

Cannot Be Tamed Young Boar33-34Razorfen Kraul
Cannot Be Tamed Penned Squealer40Razorfen DownsRuns away when released from pen.
Cannot Be Tamed Tusker40OrgimmarHunter Trainers Pet in Valley of Honor.