Black Boar

Black Boar
Can Be Tamed by Orcs Only Young Boar ('Boar')1Orc hunters start with this pet at level 1.
Can Be Tamed Small Crag Boar3Dun Morogh
Can Be Tamed Crag Boar5-6Dun Morogh
Can Be Tamed Dire Mottled Boar6-7Durotar
Can Be Tamed Longsnout10-11Elwynn Forest
Can Be Tamed Darktusk Boar13Silverpine Forest
Can Be Tamed Hulking Goretusk14-15Westfall
Can Be Tamed Blackbelly Forager22Duskwood
Can Be Tamed by Alliance Only Targol29Zoram'Gar Outpost, AshenvalePet of Lursa, Stable Master.

Cannot Be Tamed Barrens Boar12-13Northern Barrens
Cannot Be Tamed Young Boar33-34Razorfen Kraul
Cannot Be Tamed Penned Squealer40Razorfen DownsRuns away when released from pen.
Cannot Be Tamed Quilbeast60Blade's Edge MountainsFriendly.