Dark Brown Bear

This creature is new in Legion!

Dark Brown Bear
Can Be Tamed by Dwarves Only Young Bear ('Bear')1Dwarf hunters start with this pet at level 1.
Can Be Tamed Elder Brown Bear15-16Bloodmyst Isle
Can Be Tamed Ashenvale Bear19-20Ashenvale
Can Be Tamed Ursus Mauler72-73Grizzly Hills
Can Be Tamed Pacified Hyjal Bear80Mount HyjalPhases out after the quest "Aessina's Miracle".
Can Be Tamed Llothien Grizzly100-110The Greenway, Azsuna
Can Be Tamed Mountain Grizzly100-110Rockaway Coast, Highmountain

Cannot Be Tamed Great Bear Spirit70Moonglade
Cannot Be Tamed Brownie <Clog Den's Pet>90Vale of Eternal Blossoms
Cannot Be Tamed Halfdan <Huntress Estrid's Pet>112 EliteStormheimOnly present when the World Quest, "Huntress Estrid" is offered.