Grey Bear

This creature is new in Legion!

Grey Bear
Can Be Tamed Ice Claw Bear7-8Dun Morogh
Can Be Tamed Elder Gray Bear19-20Hillsbrad Foothills
Can Be Tamed Vicious Gray Bear22-23Old Hillsbrad Foothills
Can Be Tamed Ironfur Bear36-37Feralas
Can Be Tamed Shardtooth Mauler55-56WinterspringUsed to be White.
Can Be Tamed Rabid Shardtooth59-60Winterspring
Can Be Tamed Arru <The Terror>100-110 RarePinerock Basin, HighmountainIn a cave just south-east of Windripper Peak.
Can Be Tamed Ashmaw Mauler100-110Val'sharah
Can Be Tamed Gorecrazed Mauler100-110Val'sharahBy road, north of Moonclaw Vale.
Can Be Tamed Vale Bear100-110Sylvan Vale, Val'sharah

Cannot Be Tamed Dubu60Blade's Edge Mountains
Cannot Be Tamed Frantic Mauler100-110Bladesong's Retreat, Val'sharahSpawns during Undergrell Attack.
Cannot Be Tamed Sylvan Bear100-110Val'sharah