Dark Bear

This creature is new in Legion!

Dark Bear
Can Be Tamed Black Bear11-12Loch Modan
Can Be Tamed Black Bear15Dun MoroghHidden valley north of Gnomeregan. On foot it can be reached from coordinates 40.0, 56.0.
Can Be Tamed Ol' Sooty17Loch Modan
Can Be Tamed Coalpelt Bear23-24Duskwood
Can Be Tamed Vicious Black Bear23-24Hillsbrad Foothills
Can Be Tamed Shaggy Black Bear35-36Western Plaguelands
Can Be Tamed Old Grizzlegut37 RareFeralas
Can Be Tamed Bristlefur Bear100-110Fields of An'she, Highmountain
Can Be Tamed Bristlemaul100-110Fields of An'she, Highmountain
Can Be Tamed Voracious Bear100-110The Runewood, Stormheim
Can Be Tamed Bristlefur Bear110Fields of An'she, HighmountainPresent when world quest, Boilback Plague is active.
Can Be Tamed Mac the Bear110 ElitePaledoom's Overlook, Azsuna
Can Be Tamed Resting Dauorbjorn110 ElitePaledoom's Overlook, AzsunaIn a cave on the eastern side.

Cannot Be Tamed Ironhide74 Spawned EliteGrizzly Hills
Cannot Be Tamed Rae85Firebeard's Patrol, Twilight HighlandsPet of Kennen, stable master.
Cannot Be Tamed Tamed Black Bear100Trueshot Lodge, HighmountainFriendly.
Cannot Be Tamed Insatiable Bristlefur100-110Fields of An'she, Highmountain
Cannot Be Tamed Tideskorn Warbear100-110Skold-Ashil, StormheimRidden by Vrykul.
Cannot Be Tamed Steeljaw Grizzly110 EliteFields of the Eternal Hunt, Halls of Valor (Dungeon)