Tan Bear

This creature is new in Legion!

Tan Bear
Can Be Tamed Young Forest Bear8-9Elwynn Forest
Can Be Tamed Brown Bear9-10Bloodmyst Isle
Can Be Tamed Corrupted Thistle Bear10-11Darkshore
Can Be Tamed Corrupted Thistle Bear Matriarch10-11Darkshore
Can Be Tamed Ferocious Grizzled Bear10-11Silverpine Forest
Can Be Tamed Grizzled Brown Bear12-13Bloodmyst Isle
Can Be Tamed Hungry Thistle Bear12-13Darkshore
Can Be Tamed Hill Grizzly15-16Loch Modan
Can Be Tamed Young Grizzled Thistle Bear15-16Darkshore
Can Be Tamed Grizzled Thistle Bear17-18Darkshore
Can Be Tamed Elder Ashenvale Bear21-22Ashenvale
Can Be Tamed Shady Nook Guardian22-23The Shady Nook, Ashenvale
Can Be Tamed Rabid Brown Bear70-71Howling Fjord
Can Be Tamed Grizzly Bear73-74Grizzly Hills
Can Be Tamed Bronzeleaf Grizzly100-110Bronzeleaf Thicket, Stormheim
Can Be Tamed Suramar Grizzly110Feathermane Hunting Grounds, Suramar
Can Be Tamed Well-Fed Bear110Val'sharahSpawns at the site of the "Slab of Bacon" world quest if it's in Val'sharah.

Cannot Be Tamed Thistle Bear Cub7-8Darkshore
Cannot Be Tamed Uncorrupted Thistle Bear11-12DarkshoreInvalid target.
Cannot Be Tamed Misha72 EliteBlade's Edge Mountains
Cannot Be Tamed Dreamway Grizzly100-110Emerald DreamwayDruid-only area, so inaccessible.
Cannot Be Tamed Storm's Reach Warbear100-110Storm's Reach, Stormheim