Purple-Red Bat

Purple-Red Bat
Can Be Tamed Vampiric Duskbat8-9Tirisfal Glades
Can Be Tamed Plaguebat40-41Eastern Plaguelands
Can Be Tamed Rrakk42 Rare EliteSplithoof Heights, Thousand NeedlesMakes noise when clicked.
Far north of area.
Can Be Tamed Monstrous Plaguebat43-44Eastern Plaguelands
Can Be Tamed Rabid Screecher48Felwood
Can Be Tamed Vampiric Shadowbat70-71 EliteServants' Quarters, Karazhan

Cannot Be Tamed Vampiric Cave Bat92 EliteThrone of ThunderTrash mobs before Tortos.
Cannot Be Tamed Vampiric Cave Bat93 Spawned EliteThrone of ThunderSpawns during Tortos fight.