Tan Bat

Tan Bat
Can Be Tamed Shrike Bat37-38 EliteUldaman
Can Be Tamed Noxious Plaguebat41-42Eastern Plaguelands
Can Be Tamed Dark Screecher50-52Blackrock Depths
Can Be Tamed Tainted Screecher57-58Blasted Lands
Can Be Tamed Shadowbat69-70 EliteKarazhan
Can Be Tamed Greater Shadowbat71 EliteKarazhan
Can Be Tamed Drakkari Bat75Drak'Tharon Keep
Can Be Tamed Stone Bat83DeepholmTiny, tiny bats that fly in flocks around the Shuddering Spires.
Can Be Tamed Trained Jibberwing87Kun-Lai Summit

Cannot Be Tamed Frenzied Bat80 EliteNaxxramas
Cannot Be Tamed Plagued Bat80 EliteNaxxramas